Friday, June 26, 2009

The To-Do List

After finally getting a decent night's sleep, I am prepared to make my to-do list today and actually tackle some of it. There is a lot to do, since I've let the house go this week (nothing unusual about this, I'm just trying to minimize to myself what a bad house cleaner I am). The Bird has ballet this morning and it is B's turn to host her friend group. We have tickets to go see a local production of High School Musical 2. The kids will arrive by 5:30, so I need to have my ducks in a row and know what we are having for dinner. My daughter B is intellectually disabled and twenty five years old. She went to school with the same kids her entire life, so we developed some good relationships with people with similar values. Even though they are grown, we (the parents) still have to organize their social lives. Our group formed after they started graduating from high school and did not have as much social contact as when they went to school each day. I should probably just order pizza, but am toying with the idea of making spaghetti. BRAINSTORM! I should do lasagna. I could stop by the market and get cheese, bread, bag salad on our way home from ballet and put it together at lunch time. We'll see. I'll add the dinner picture once I get it made. It will either be pizza boxes or a yummy lasagna.

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