Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Simple Recipes for Summer Days

I received this little cookbook, easy summer food: simple recipes for summer days from my sil. She found it at a TJ Maxx for $5 and it is a very nice little cookbook with mouthwatering photos of each recipe. The subtitle gives me the warm fuzzies too. It reminds me of my Nordstrom's Entertaining at Home cookbook that I love so much; the difference is that these recipes are much simpler. The salt-crusted shrimp with tomato, avocado, and olive salad was a hit, except that we found the shrimp hard to peel after being grilled (does that mean it was overcooked?). I also made the Antipodean potato salad (minus the smoked oysters) and we all loved the olive oil and paprika dressing. I'm thinking about making the paella for Father's Day.

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