Saturday, August 1, 2009

I am a Winner!

We had a week of events around here. T-bone and I celebrated our 10th anniversary. We said we would spend the 10th in Ocho Rios, but work and The Bird made that seem impossible. I didn't mind and had a hard time coming up with an important gift. I gave him a little book called I Like You and a bounce house. The bounce house wasn't really for our anniversary, but it seemed expensive and extravagant, so I claimed it as an anniversary gift. The Bird loves to jump! We thought we should buy something or I should get a piece of jewelry to mark the event. I even picked out a ring, but in the end decided I really didn't want it. I wanted the love and adoration of my husband and I got that. He said the sweetest things and I felt loved and lucky to have such a great husband.

The next day was my fil's birthday, the next day my sil's birthday (I made her dinner and gave her a pretty metal mermaid), and the next was T-Bone's birthday. I never bake, but got brave and made his mom's mahogany cake. It's a German chocolate cake with a chocolate coffee frosting. I never got the frosting thick enough and it puddled on the platter. The Bird was in charge of decorating and decided we needed balloons. We made a trip to a party store and she picked five balloons and a flower necklace for the decorations. She picked out three candles for the cake and planted them in the center. I made Green Chile Enchiladas and black beans for his birthday dinner. Usually I try and make something that seems "special" for birthday dinners, but we love these enchiladas and so keeping it simple this year seemed like a good idea. Our evening was fun and we all felt lucky to have each other and to celebrate T-Bone's birthday.
I also had a fun surprise that day. Lucky me! First of all, I never win anything. There could be two names in a hat for a drawing and my name would not be chosen. I had entered the drawing at 4 Reluctant Entertainers for a book giveaway and WON! I'll be receiving The House Always Wins by Marni Jameson. How fun! The Green Chile Enchiladas I made for T-Bone's dinner are a recipe I found at 4 Reluctant Entertainers a few weeks ago.

I feel blessed! Family, birthdays, and ten years married to a wonderful man! Yes, that's icing dripping off the platter.

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deb said...

I like your take on anniversary love and gifts.
Real love.
It shone through here, thanks for sharing the simple beauty.