Saturday, August 29, 2009


2005 was a crazy year for us. We got serious about having a baby and spent six months trying before getting that positive on a HPT on August 27. The following week we had plans to travel to the Gulf Coast to look at my mother-in-law's rental house that was on a street that led to the beach. The rat race in Atlanta was getting to us and we had decided that we would have the baby here and then move to Mississippi. It seemed like such a good plan. My sil had moved back there two years before from Atlanta and had remodeled a little cottage near the beach. Our child would be raised in a small town near her grandparents and we would be out of the fast pace of life that swirled around us here. We had many hurricane scares over the years and my husband would watch the weather vigilantly, but August 29 was different. We woke up to his hometown being wiped out and agonized over not being able to reach his parents and know if they were safe. Thankfully all our people were safe. His sister's home was still standing , but had filled with storm surge. The house we had planned to go live in had been broken in half. I probably think about Katrina every few months and still feel a great sense of sadness that she kept us here in Atlanta. The only thing left of the little house we were going to live in is the tile floor. Here is what it looked like after the storm.


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I'm glad you're here! We really need to get together.

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