Thursday, July 9, 2009

Vintage Style

I just love vintage styles. Little dresses made by grandmothers in cotton print fabrics. The Bird has a little pile of outgrown dresses that were passed down to her from her Yaya. Yaya had been saving the little dresses for forty years before one of her children decided to bless her with grandchildren. She also had stored a soft little pair of blue jeans that belonged to T-Bone. It was the dresses though that make me smile and think of simpler times. Times when women put curlers in their hair and hung clothes on the line. I can't buy my Bird any more clothes-she is stocked till she is five-but look at these sweet dresses from Patouche. Made to be worn for years by going from dress to tunic. I love them and want one of each. The skirts are fun too with big pockets and aprons. You can buy them at Patouche's Etsy Shop. Tell her I sent you and maybe she will send one to The Bird's overstuffed closet too.

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