Tuesday, November 3, 2009


My daughters were both very excited about Halloween. I was not so excited and feeling my usual angst over the chores that still were not finished and the day drawing to an end. While I was busy finding the whole interuption to my chores a nuisance, they were both waiting for the sun to go down so they could get on their costumes for a trek through the neighborhood. My secret hope was that the rain would start up again and I could have a better excuse to stay in and finish my laundry other than I just didn't want to go.
It was wet and cold, but soon our door bell started to ring and the parade of superheroes and princesses started. Reluctantly we set off into the icky night, but I only made it as far as across the street before I sent T-Bone off into the darkness with my girls. The only shot on my camera was this one that I took quickly before dashing back into the warmth of my dirty house.
Emily from Chatting at the Sky said in her post this morning at inCourage "It takes effort to be present on purpose and to see beyond the messy living room in order to appreciate the beauty of family and togetherness. For me, the simple act of noticing inevitably leads to thankfulness."
I've had a hard time lately stopping and appreciating what I have. What am I thankful for? A husband that loves Halloween and went out excited and happy with our girls. A sister-in-law that captured sweet shots of the girls in costume and bubbling with excitement on her camera. My girls for not letting a crabby mom dampen their excitement.
I'm thankfully unwrapping my Tuesday and linking to Chatting at the Sky.


Stefanie said...

I visited you from there,
And my hurt goes out to you, being in pain must be the pits, I don'\t usually suffer from pain but can be a real pain in the neck when I am suffering.

deb said...

oh the grumpy mommy thing... I've had it once or twice :)

A Little Of This And That said...

Haven't we all been there? Reminds me of the wonderful words of George Herbert: "O thou who has given us so much, mercifully grant us one thing more--a grateful heart."